About Us

About ContigExpress

ContigExpress is the leading integrated genomics data service provider. We offer genomic project management, data analysis, and bio-IT consulting services. Our unique value to our clients lies in our deep understanding of both biology and informatics. From project consultation, bio-IT infrastructure implementation, to data analysis, our experienced scientists deliver not only cost-effective customized informatic solutions but also their expert insights.

Our team consists of Ph.D.-level computational biologists with extensive training and professional practice in bioinformatics and genomic research. We understand both your cutting-edge research and your informatics challenges. We enable you and your team to extract actionable information from the vast amount of genomic data in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

We at ContigExpress strive to deliver affordable expert genomic data solutions to researchers and clinicians. We place the utmost emphasis on information confidentiality, data security, and data integrity. Please schedule a complimentary project discussion with one of our expert bioinformaticians to discover how we can help you move your genomics research forward!