Getting Started

What are the general steps working with ContigExpress?
After we receive a project request, one of our expert bioinformaticians will discuss with the client to define the project scope, then issue a formal written quote to summarize the project scope, analysis workflow, deliverables, estimated turn-around time, cost, data upload/download instructions, and other terms and conditions.
After the client accepts the quote by returning a signed quote to ContigExpress and completes the data submission process, the managing bioinformatician will initiate the project and will keep the client informed of the progress regularly.
Once the project is completed, the managing bioinformatician will instruct the client to retrieve analysis results, written report, and relevant intermediate files. Within two weeks after concluding the analysis, the managing bioinformatician may, upon request, provide up to 60 minutes of post-project consultation to address any questions the client may have on the results and report.
Why do you recommend engaging ContigExpress at the project design stage?
We encourage you to engage one of our expert bioinformaticians when you are planning the project. A proper project design is a prerequisite for successful data analysis. We frequently encounter urgent requests for help in next-generation sequencing data analysis project and subsequently discover the project design is not adequate, to say the least.
Contact us to let one of our expert bioinformaticians offer you a complimentary 30-minute consultation on your next-generation sequencing project.
How do I exchange data with ContigExpress?
You may choose two options to submit and receive data files from ContigExpress: one is via encrypted secure internet connection and the other is via hard disk delivery. For internet-based secure data exchange, ContigExpress recommends compressing the files in ZIP or TAR format to improve download/upload time.
What software will you use for my analysis project?
ContigExpress is proud to utilize well-supported, publication-backed, open-source software to perform next-generation sequencing data analysis. Our expert bioinformatician will recommend a set of software tools most appropriate for your project and describe these tools in the official quote. Detailed software information (e.g., name, version, non-default parameters, and references) will be included in the final project report.
ContigExpress may use another software tool on the basis of the best judgment of the managing bioinformatician during the project. The managing bioinformatician will explain the rationale to the client before implementing the change to the quoted workflow.
What are confidentiality and intellectual property policies of ContigExpress?
ContigExpress will keep our client's information, including, but not limited to, contact, affiliation, project objectives, design, data, results, and discoveries, strictly confidential. ContigExpress does not own or claim any rights for any intellectual properties of the client's project design, data, and any analysis results. Our official quote contains detailed descriptions of these policies. If you need to put a confidentiality agreement in place before disclosing your project details to ContigExpress, please Contact us .
Does ContigExpress offer next-generation sequencing services?
ContigExpress is a dedicated bioinformatic service organization and does not offer next-generation sequencing services.
We are happy to refer our clients to a few high-quality cost-effective sequencing service providers. Our clients will directly work with one of these sequencing providers.